Our Method

Most weight loss plans concentrate on the reduction of weight by dietary restrictions, meal supplementation or some other form of gimmicky change. Most diets today imply a “restriction” of one kind or another.

The failure of this approach is that it does not address the fundamental truth – that weight gain is a symptom of an imbalance, not the cause of it. The usual approach is to focus on the symptom – which continues to reappear because the fundamental causes have not been addressed and eliminated.

There are many different variables that contribute to each individual imbalance that is manifested as weight gain. They usually include the following factors:

• Hormone Imbalance- Estrogen Dominance
• High Cortisol- Hormone or Stress
• Insulin Resistance
• Hypo-Thyroid- or other endocrine disorders
• Low Brain Chemicals- GABA, serotonin, dopamine
• Menopause- Drop-Off of all hormones
• Low Testosterone

All of these factors contribute to causes of weight gain:

1. Inflammation
2. Nutritional Deficiencies
3. Food Allergies & Sensitivities
4. Addiction

So, why do most weight loss programs fail?

Simply because they do no address the factors and causes as mentioned above. Further, even the fundamental “diet” is incorrect by offering “one size fits all” approach. There are many metabolic types that require changes in dietary approach to be effective in the long term.

Our unique and tailored 12 week plan is not about dieting, buying expensive meals, group weigh-ins, meal replacement or any other latest gimmick that comes on the market.

We provide you with a personalized plan that is specific to your condition, medical history (including both hormone and metabolic profiling) and taking into account your emotional needs. It is a whole life approach to a lasting lifestyle change and long term weight management. But it is not all about your weight. It is also about providing participants with valuable tools that can help them.