The 12 Plan – A Radical New Approach (Part 1)

Transform your health with weight loss.

The fact that your reading this is clearly because your previous diets have failed. Perhaps they worked for a while but in the end you’ve gained some if not all of your weight back. It is very discouraging and depressing and many can sympathize because we have been there. There is so much confusing information out there, one day we’re told that lack of protein is the cause of obesity, next we’re told to eat carbohydrates, next we’re told to eat no carbs, there is no wonder there is so much frustration and confusion.

Enough is enough; we’re inundated with advice that is plainly wrong and nonsensical. Over many years of practice we have heard and seen all sorts of things and a lot of ridiculous stuff that people do to themselves and most incredible when it comes to the way they eat. People are constantly looking for the craziest solutions to reduce their weight. Yes, one can accomplish rapid weight loss but at what cost to your health. These extremes harm your health from appetite suppressants that damage your liver to extreme calorie restricted diets that lead to vitamin and mineral deficiency, muscle breakdown and impaired immunity. At best you lose your 15 pounds by starving for 2 weeks and all your friends tell you how great you look but within days of getting back to normal eating your weight comes back with additional few pounds from your original starting point. It’s just crazy.

So why do most diets fail? Because they require either too much effort or time, they do not address the hormonal imbalance and none of them are sustainable in the long term. Even moderate approaches require all sorts of calorie counting or writing down every single bite consumed or spending hours to prep food before eating, making unreasonable demands of our already hectic schedules. Eating healthy is not as complicated as we think it is and learning how to maintain your proper weight is not rocket science. Yet, we have complicated everything so that when we fail on a diet it is usually because we’ve been set up to fail by endless restrictions and unsustainable requirements.

The biggest problem though is that people are mislead by the wrong information about food and dieting. When you’re eating just grapefruit all day, cabbage soup until your body smells like cabbage or red meat until you’re in a ketosis eventually your body rebels against it and you resent eating the same thing and having all these restrictions. It is unnatural and everything that goes against nature will inevitably fail!

With severe calorie restrictions your weight loss is always temporary and with time you gain more back. We ignore the fact that eating is one of the greatest pleasures in life yet we are programmed to seek pleasure. When you’re consuming prepackaged tasteless frozen entrées or replacing your meals with some other concoction of questionable chemicals you may get some results but there is no pleasure in this process and in just a few days you become resentful and you get off the program altogether.

The old cliché of ‘calories in and calories out’ is just that a cliché. No, not all calories are equal. Obviously 2000 calories from some form of fast food burger chain is not the same as 2000 calories you get from fruits and vegetables eaten over a full day. Rest assured that not only there is a different metabolic process involving digestion and absorption of these nutrients but also they way you look and feel after eating these foods if very different too. Losing and maintaining weight is not a simple matter of arithmetic, calorie in calorie out. Your metabolism is affected by many different variables. Low calorie diets for the most part deprive us of foods and nutrients necessary for us to stay in good shape and good health. Remember, when you deprive your body it will crave exactly what it is missing, you will be hungry, miserable and unhealthy. These plans can only fail you. There is a way to a health and sustainable way of life that naturally balances your hormones and leads to long-term weight loss and wellness.